Monday, May 12, 2008

Where do you generate your ideas?

Everybody has a favourite spot on where they put their thinking cap and generate those wonderful ideas for their blogs or life issues. Some would be inspired after a nap (or during one), others while they are eating or drinking (make sure you don't get drunk). Some might think when they are travelling in a car, train or maybe on a flight (expensive way to generate ideas).

I have a spot where I normally generate my ideas and it is on the "commode". That's when I am deep in my thoughts going about doing my business but great ideas do come out from there. It may sound a bit corny though, but it is a good spot and a quiet time for the mind to stop wondering and to concentrate and generate ideas like this one. I hope it is not a stinky idea!

Do let me know where you spend your time to generate ideas?


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