Monday, May 5, 2008

Driving in Hyderabad

This blog is my special tribute to the fearless road warriors in Hyderabad. It is a breath taking experience if by chance you had the honour of driving in Hyderabad or at least be a passenger in a Taxi, Auto or a hired car. I had my pleasure of driving around in Hyderabad (that is on Sundays and Public Holidays) and being driven around by my driver. Each time when I am on the road I get this strange feeling that I am going to knock someone or vice-versa. The safest way to drive here I guess is to drive on the opposite side of the road, whereby the drivers would give way to you.I had my drivers making U-turns wherever they please(sick of educating them), I see cars parked wherever they please and sometimes right in the middle of the road.
I had a funny experience with one of my drivers, whom I had the privilege of reliving him of his duties. He had stopped under a flyover, and I noticed that he had the hazard lights on, and I asked him if there was anything wrong with the car, he told me “No Sir” both the indicator lights switched on means that I am not turning left or right, going straight(maybe to heaven). So what more can I say, I asked him how did he get his license and he promptly informed me that he sat for a written exam and went through the classes....little did he realize that I was being rather sarcastic with regards to his driving skills.
Honking is a must in India otherwise you are at fault if you knock someone; I guess its ok after you honk (at least you did your part in informing the poor souls). It’s a free for all here on the roads but I am amazed at the lower accident rates compared to Kuala Lumpur or maybe any other part of the world, maybe the reason is that the maximum speed that you can travel in the city is about 40 kmph or less with a wide array of vehicular traffic.....which sometimes includes cows and buffaloes besides pedestrians......
Please click on the URL below to see for yourself what I am trying to say. You will feel dizzy after sometime watching the traffic at the intersection and tell me whether if you were given a chance would you be that fearless road warrior?.
This was posted at my blog in Opera on 09.10.2007, I guess nothing much has
changed except you find more warriors on the road now. I have a new driver who
likes to apply the brakes at the last moment thinking he is Karthik Narrayain
(the F1 driver).

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