Friday, May 23, 2008

Anecdotes from Hyderabad

There are many incidences that I can recall to have a good laugh at times and I still remember an incidence with my driver.

We stopped under a fly over and I realized that we are waiting for the lights to change colour. I also noticed that my driver had the emergency light indicator switched on. So I asked him, is there anything wrong with the car for you to have the lights on. He said to me, “ No Sir” and then I asked him, why are you having the emergency indicator on. To which he replied, when both indicators are flashing, it means the car is not turning left or right, just going straight. So I asked him, how did you get your license, to which he replied, Sir, I sat for the exam and then went for the driving classes and then passed my driving test for the license, little did he realize that I was being sarcastic with him.

The other incident occurred with my secretary, both us went out looking for a laptop for the office and we were at a complex waiting for the lift. I knew the lift was on the upper floor and we had go to the upper floor too. I pressed the lift button up and shortly I found my secretary pressing the down button. I asked her, why are you pressing the down button as the computer shop is on the 5th floor and down is only car park and basement. She gave me an answer that I won't forget, she told me that since the lift is on top, she pressed the down button for the lift to come down for us. It really shocked me with her concept and are the lifts in Hyderabad really that intelligent. Anyway I can't blame her as I had noticed most of them do that here and some press the buttons very hard hoping that the lift would arrive faster.

I hope to share some more in my next postings.


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