Monday, May 26, 2008

Life after 40

Has it ever occurred to you that time just passes you by before you realize it and you are whizzing away to that half century mark in your life. But being in that zone, you don't realize that you have aged. I still haven't slowed down yet, but over the years I know I have lost a couple of parts in my body. I took my appendix out when I was 22 or 23 years old and at 46 I took out my gall bladder as I had a 10 mm stone in it. It's like a car, the older it gets, you have to repair or replace the part, but in my case, it has been taking out the defective parts.

I look at life with a positive attitude and I know whatever that happens, it always happen for a reason. But the funny part is that I don't know the reasons, but eventually it has a happy ending and also I really don't have a choice in this matter.

Next year would be my 25th Wedding Anniversary and I am looking forward for that, my first boy would be leaving for Russia for his medical studies and I would also be back working in Malaysia after being 6 years in India.

So I guess, life after 40 is a phase that things get settled down and you can say, wow I have come a long way.

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