Thursday, May 1, 2008


Location: Hyderabad
Date: 01.05.08
Time: 3.50 p.m.

Yes I am going to start my personal journal on this blog on a daily basis, if the time permits. I believe a journal would be an appropriate heading for my diary, like photos we taken to capture the moments in our life, a diary would be apt to capture my mind, thoughts and feelings. Something which I can look back in years to come and maybe learn a thing or two from it (in not repeating any same mistakes).

Where do I start? Well I guess today is a good day to start as it's a holiday in most part of the world due to Labour day. My servant didn't turn this morning and my driver called up to say that he would be delayed and its already 4.20 p.m. and still no sign of him(seems like a long delay). Now where does that leave me, I had to dry my own clothes today as I had expected the servant to do that, I washed it in the washing machine last night, thinking that she would be here this morning. My kitchen sink is filled up with all the unwashed dishes and guess I have to wash a couple of dishes this evening, otherwise I won't have any to use to prepare my dinner.

My lunch was a simple affair as I made instant noodles with chicken and some cabbage. Didn't want to eat anything heavy as I had some whiskey last night and maybe I have the hangover this morning.

Without the driver, looks like I have to drive myself to the supermarket as I am out drinking water and also bread. I hate driving in Hyderabad as it could be pretty rough and the law of the jungle prevails here (if you're driving).

Dinner is already set as I have rasam and rice in the fridge, maybe an omelette would do just fine to go along with it along with some cucumbers.

This evening is results day for American Idol and after that it's IPL cricket until I hit the sack. You see what an interesting day.

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