Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food for thoughts

Well my two postings this morning was on my simple recipes that I had to improvise while I am in Hyderabad so that I get a Malaysianised dish and I am sure there are a lot Malaysians who are abroad and sometimes they do get homesick and want to try their hand in cooking some home style dishes. Believe me I know how the feeling is as I have spent a great deal of my life outside Malaysia. And there is nothing more a Malaysian loves then his curry and in Malaysia we have this habit of greeting each other as :

"Hi, How are you? Have you eaten?" so I think culturally food plays a major part in our life, I know of instances where we used to drive from one corner of the city to the other, maybe just for that famous Curry fish head or some other exotic dishes.

But then there are those Malaysians who live by Maggie noodles or any other brand of instant noodles. I am not a great fan of instant noodles as I know the detrimental effects that it has on our health if we eat it every day. Having said that, my kids love Maggie Mee Goreng and I can't stop them from ordering it in a mamak restaurant(maybe they have grown out of it now).

My only hope is that if you have tried out these recipes, do let me what you feel and is there any suggestions that you have for me in improving these dishes.

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