Thursday, May 15, 2008

Power cuts

Summer without power cuts is not summer in Hyderabad. I guess it's God's way of punishing us and maybe let us feel what it is like in hell. Yesterday I was in my room for 2 hours in the evening without power and decided to play some games on my HTC phone(pocket pc phone) and what happened after that was I screwed up my vision, couldn't read the letters on my computer when the power came back. Got scared though, so I placed an ice pack on both my eyes, now it's okay.

This morning I woke up with a power cut for an hour, without A/C and the room was getting unbearably hot. I keep telling myself, why doesn't the public here take any action against the utility company. I mean electricity is not a free commodity, you are paying for a service and if you don't pay, the board would be more then eager to cut your supply.

Just look at the consequences of the consequential losses that one would suffer due to this frequent power cuts, productivity comes down and life comes to a grinding halt. Last week, I wanted to buy chicken at a shop close to my place, the guy told me, no power and hence he couldn't sell his chicken as he is using an electronic weighing machine, since he can't weigh the chicken, he had to wait for the power. So much for technology, and what use it is if you can't use it, he might as well revert to the good old days of weighing by using a balance with the weights.

Sometimes I feel, people in India are being polite and maybe think that it's their Karma to be without power, you see strikes for every other thing just about every other day here, but basic consumer needs are never really addressed. In a city, I think water and electricity should be considered as basic necessities, and if you can't deliver it, then you should privatize their services.

The only thing I can do is grumble regarding power cuts on my blog and at least I have registered some sort of complaint.


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