Friday, May 2, 2008

Why blog?

That’s a very good question to ask? Do you know the reason why you blog? I can list down the reasons why I blog:

1. I blog therefore I exist! (lame excuse).
2. I know someone somewhere is reading my blog and he/she says “Hey that’s a pretty cool blog".Let me save this site(wishful thinking).
3. Pass down my experience (in other words I am older by the day).
4. Share a common interest with others if ever they decide to comment on my blogs.
5. A cheap way of publishing my thoughts on the internet.
6. Sharpens my mind and broadens my horizon.
7. Enlighten some souls along the way (so I can earn my brownie points).
8. Improve on my writing skills.
9. Pour out my frustration or joy on my blogs. Maybe tickle some of them too.
10. Killing my boredom

I guess ten reasons would be sufficient to keep me blogging. What are the reasons that make you a blogger? Feel like sharing it with me.

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