Thursday, May 1, 2008

Malaysian Chicken Curry

I would like to share with you my chicken curry recipe which I had posted on my Opera blog last year. I am going to write it down in simple steps so that you can try this simple recipe out. The photo that I posted along with this blog is taken from the web and you would see that it is floating in oil........but I can assure you that my recipe would be with less oil and also fat free with the exception of coconut milk that I would use which is optional.

Here it goes....
I usually buy my chicken from the supermarket, the dressed version without the skin and I spent a great deal of time actually removing what ever fats that are on the chicken. I throw away the neck piece and the bishops nose. I would serialise the ingredients with its narration.

1. A medium size chicken of about 1 kg. Use about half the chicken and keep the rest for next time.
2. Remove all fats and cut the chicken into small size, keep the drumstick whole and the wings you can cut the mini-drumstick.
3. Ingredients
a. Oil 2 tablesppon or more(your preference)
b. 1 medium onion cut length wise
c. 2 medium tomatoes(cut into small pieces)
d. 1 medium size potatoe cut into small size.
e. 2 green chilies deseeded and cut into small size
f. Spices like Star Anize (1 or 2), Cardoman (2), Clove(2) and Cinnamon stick(2 inch - broken into pieces)
h. Curry leaves - 4 to 5 leaves
i. Coconut milk ( 1 or 1/2 coconut) - Optional
j. Tumeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
k. Chilly powder - 1/4 teaspoon or more (depending on your preference)
l. Mutton/chicken masala powder - 3 tablespoon (I use Baba's)
m. Ginger garlic paste - 1 teaspoon
n. Salt to taste
o. Corriander leaves (a bunch)
p. 1/2 a lime

4. Actual cooking
Heat the wok (should have a cover for later) and when the wok is hot, pour in the oil(preferably Sunflower Oil/Rice Bran oil) and while it is heating up, put in all the spices (f) and once the fragrant rises up from the spices(make sure that you don't burn them) add in onions with curry leaves and saute till the onion turns slightly brown, then add in the ginger garlic paste and stir for 1 minute. Add in the tumeric powder and the chilly powder at this stage. Then add in the 2 tomatoes and the green chilles. Stir till you see the oil coming out from the tomatoes.
Add the cut chicken(about 500 grams) and keep stir frying until all the spices are mixed throughly. At this stage you can add 1 teaspoon of salt or more if you prefer. You can add the cut potatoes here. Close the wok with the lid and cook for 3 minutes until the water comes out from the chicken.In a bowl, make a paste with the mutton/chicken curry powder with a little water. Add this paste into the chicken and mix it thorougly and after 3 minutes, add 400 ml of water. Now you can close the lid and cook the chicken for 15 to 20 minutes under high flame.
Check to see whether the potatoes are cooked and also poke the chicken with a fork, to see whether it is cooked. Then add the 1 or 1/2 coconut milk, which is optional and simmer the chicken curry for 10 minutes on a very low flame until the oil/juices from the chicken comes out.
Just before taking the chicken curry out from the stove, squeeze the 1/2 lime juice into it and mix througly. Then transfer the curry into a casserole and garnish with the corriander leaves........
Voila! You have chicken curry and you can eat it with steamed basmati rice or chapattis and I usually have it with raita or cut some cucumbers.
I hope the recipe is simple enough for you to cook and if you have any queries, please do hesistate to post your comments.
Bon appetit.


Anonymous said...

This is great info to know.

Sukku said...

Glad it was of help to you and you should try it out.

Bon Appetit