Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cool summer by the beach

Sitting under the coconut tree with the sounds of the waves and a cool breeze chilling me, while I am sip a nice cocktail, the name which I can't recall as I am already floating with it(it's out of this world). The waiter asks me how do I want my lobster prepared as they had just caught a couple of them from the sea. And I ask for the chef so that I can instruct him how to cook it, the way I want it.
And I see some pretty ladies/girls sun-bathing with their sun-tan lotions on their body and kids jumping into the water, not afraid of the waves. The sand in the beach is white and you can see the water so crystal clear. The sun is shining ever so bright but I can't feel the heat, only cool breeze with tiny droplets of moisture in the air.
What a setting, I can be here forever and don't have to worry or think about work. No phone calls, no internet to check on emails or to think what to write on my blog.
Then I wake up from my sleep, where are those lovely ladies, where is my lobster and I don't see any cocktails to cool me down. Where is that breeze and the sound of waves?
Oh my God, was it a dream but I have to tell you, it was paradise and I am thinking to myself, am I still in a dream world. But with the heat burning me now, I am thinking to myself whether I am dreaming about hell.
When am I going to wake up?

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