Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another day in paradise

Yes I was listening that song by Phil Collins this morning and I thought to it really paradise? If this is paradise then what is hell? Been checking on the comments on my blogs and there were just a couple of it. Now why so? Beats me! Maybe I am not doing the right thing here, maybe and why analyse the maybes...and take away my know the mind is a funny has the little voice which dictates how I should feel. Do you have that same feeling?

I thought I told that little fella to shut up and let me be the boss but he won't listen...he wants to plant a seed of doubt in me and says that I am expecting too much. People are not interested in reading your blogs and they want to read something which is more interesting. Well who wants to read about your haircut and making raita as they are not hip. But I tell the little fella to be patient, someone out there would want to. I would be able to connect with someone!

So I am waiting and the clock is ticking away and my fingers are worn out clicking the keyboard waiting for a comment. When will it arrive?


Rome Mele said...

Hi Sukku...
Not every words that you write or feel goes unnoticed...

Very well said...
Have patience... deep down, inside ...!!!

Sukku said...

Thank you friend....hope to see you more often....btw how is the weather in your place and I love to know more about where you come from.



Anonymous said...

We all try to fight those maybes...I face the same problem.My blog hardly ever has comments pouring in and I wonder why i bother to post. But then every once in a while sum1 comes along and tells me i'm doing alright. That keeps me going.
You'r doing a fine job. So quit worrying. and blog on!
p.s- I love the quote by cyril connolly that you've put up.

Sukku said...

What can I say Ranjita expect to thank you for your comment. I would love to visit your blog and guess I would be doing just that. Have a great weekend ahead of you.


Sukku said...

Ranjita there is no link to your blog.

Care to furnish me with it. Thank you.