Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The photo that I had posted was taken at our site a couple of years ago during summer(in Hyderabad) and it was a small pond which had cracked up due to the heat. So I guess it is easy for you to visualize what I am writing below.

It is 10 in the morning and the temperature is already 30 degrees Celsius in my room and I can't imagine how it is outside. But I guess life goes on and I do empathize with the manual laborers toiling away irrespective of the scorching heat, after all they have to earn a living.

On my way back yesterday I had seen a boy lying on the roadside and I guess it must be been sun stroke that he was suffering. I can't blame him for walking under the sun as he has no other option. Sometimes we complain about the seasons, but can you imagine if there weren't any season and everyday throughout the year is the same. Life then becomes monotonous and there wouldn't be any excitement in the waiting for what is in store every season for us.

I am sure summer brings joy to the kids, as this is the time for them to have a long summer break and also a time for them to indulge in their favorite ice creams or have long cool baths in the swimming pools. Now for the wealthy ones, it's a time for them to escape the summer heat by traveling abroad.

As for me, I guess it's a time to stay indoors and maybe enjoy the occasional beer(oh what a good reason). I remember last summer I was in Gujarat on a business trip, we had gone to a couple sites and it was really hot. We came to our hotels and thought we could cool ourself by the bar with a chilled beer. But that wasn't the case. Ahmedabad, the city that we were in is part of the dry State (meaning no alcohol is served anywhere in the State). But there is always an option to this, since we are foreigners, we were allowed to buy the liquor(including beer) at the permit room. Yes we got ourselves beers and it was warm as hell and we had to drink beer with ice-cubes and it really took the fun out of it.

This is a time that our clothings get lighter but the only drawback in Hyderabad is that the society here does not approve of bermuda shorts in public places, what a drag. Even the cheerleaders at the local IPL cricket games, I see they are covered up in this heat.
Now the very thought of leaving my safe haven and going outside for some shopping is exciting as I somehow like the heat. I like to see how people adjust to the heat, some like ninja's, all covered up with only their eyes left open with a sunglass(I am talking about the girls) and for the guys, they don't give a damn.



Shree said...

I travel to Hyd frequently on work and I have a trip planned for this month, I'm already dreading it!

Sukku said...

Well don't worry it is noy that bad as I make it out to be.


Sukku said...

Hi Shree,

Sorry for the typo errors and I was sitting in my room for 2 hours without power and then I decided to play games on my pocket pc, when the power came back, I switched on my computer, but I couldn't read anything as I strained my eyes for at least one hour playing on my pocket pc. The vision is getting back better now.

Well if you are not traveling that much in the afternoon then it's ok as I am sure you would be cooped up in A/C rooms. Then again it depends on which part of India you are coming from to Hyderabad, it hot and dry here.

Anyway thanks for your comments.


Sucharita Sarkar said...

I've felt the blast of Hyderabad-heat in summer and the picture sums it up perfectly. Great text, too. But for me, a cola is more cooling than a beer.

Sukku said...


That's true and I guess what they call buttermilk cools your body down in this summer and also taking a lot of curd or yogurt. Guess what goes hand in glove with summer in Hyderabad is that darn power cuts and maybe I'll write that I am boiling mad with the frequency of the cuts...