Thursday, May 8, 2008

Writing a blog

I was reading an article on this subject and I was prompted to write about it based on my experience in writing my blogs. I think what you post depends on the subject matter and how much thought that you have put on it.
The simplest blog would be a cut and paste job from the internet or from the other blog sites. Now that would make you a copycat and after sometime I guess the readers would be able to spot a rat and maybe your visitors would start dwindling.
I write what is in my head and correct it as I go along and I follow this tip that I had read from a book by Lindsay Camp aptly titled " Can I change your mind? -The craft and art of persuasive writing.
Remember the reader and the result (RRR) is a good point to keep in mind and also to visualize your piece as an advertisement, now if you were to place an advert on the newspaper on what you had composed, does it have the impact to pull the buyer(reader) and be swayed by it. An ad (in our case our blog) that doesn't persuade is like a fish that doesn't swim: dead in the water.
I also believe that " Good persuasive writer's don't tell their readers what to think or feel; they say something that makes their readers feel or think it for themselves."(quoted from the book)
It is also very important in knowing the result that you want from your reader/blog beacause if you don't know what you are trying to achieve in a piece of writing(blog), it's impossible to judge how far you have succeeded.
I would be happy if I had imparted some of my thoughts on writing a blog based on my experience and I would have done justice to this piece by taking away your precious time(in reading this blog).
Another piece of advice that I read on a blog was that don't feel ashamed in asking for a response or a comment from the readers. I am just doing that now.


Anonymous said...

most of us who maintain personal blogs, blog for the joy of it. but it's always wonderful to get feedback and have an active interaction with the readers. otherwise wouldn't we be content with writing in a diary?
i think your blog has a good mix of posts and that is how it should stay. though i would be biased in favour of an additional dose of humour maybe..

Sukku said...

Yes you are right, I will maybe have a posting of some jokes which I had saved in my library in my laptop. You can visit my other blog where I have posted jokes. It is at:

Thanks again for your comment and cheers to you.

Aleta said...

I blog to share with friends and family, mostly about mundane things, but hey ~ life is such at times and that's OK. I'm not into the manipulate the reader to your views. I state mine and if someone agrees, good, if someone disagrees, good.

Sukku said...

Thank you Aleta and welcome to my world of blogs. Yes even I write to express my views and would definitely not like to manipulate anyone to agree with my views but I would love comments on it if my views are tainted. We learn everyday by interacting with each other's views and sometimes I may not be looking at the big picture, mine could be tainted by the coloured lens that I am wearing and it could have been gathered by my life experience. But what I believe in life, is the gift of sharing and what better way to demonstrate it then by blogging. I like to share this with you:

‘A little fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses’
- Chinese Proverb –

Take care and God bless